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About MPPC -- Memoriam to Members -- Florance Sugarberg


Florance Sugarberg (??-2002), MPPC #494

MPPC member and workhorse Florance Sugarberg passed away on Oct 5, 2002 after a two month stay in the hospital. In a letter received from her son Blake, “My mom had a true zest for life. She lived her life the only way that she knew ... to the fullest.”

Florance took over as Secretary starting with the Nov/Dec 1985 issue of Permit Patter. She became Auction Manager in January 1986. She became Treasurer and Editor starting with the July/August 1986 issue of Permit Patter when former Editor and Treasurer Henry Sultner resigned suddenly.

Floyd Walker was elected Secretary starting in Jan 1997. Florance continued on as Editor and Treasurer until the Sept/Oct 1997 issue of Permit Patter.

Ten years as Editor and Treasurer in any club is a long time. In this case, ten years was just over half the lifetime of MPPC at the time Florance stepped down.

During her tenure in her many positions in the club, Florance worked closely with MPPC founder and past President, John Howell as well as then President Herb Harrington.

To say that Florance was the driving force behind the club for ten years is an understatement. Florance was the club during that time.  The MPPC Central Office address was P.O. Box 5793. How many of us had that address embedded in our heads for so many years?

Florance was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the club in January 1998 by then President Joe LoPreiato (see copy in the Jan 1998 Permit Patter). Her son Blake received a Certificate of Appreciation at the same time as well. Florance was the main point of contact for most members.

Blake says, “My mom’s life was enriched by the many enduring friendships that she made through MPPC.” I think the reverse statement is equally true. Many MPPC members were enriched through their friendship with Florance. Everyone knew Florance.

Besides being so involved in MPPC, Florance was also a prolific user of MPPs. She held 10 different MPP permits, mostly from Ohio. Of course, she used her MPP #1 from Akron extensively. Of the 14 issues of Permit Patter she mailed during her tenure, 5 of them were mailed from Akron, OH.

Florance also won awards with her MPPs. She took the Second Award at the McKinley Stamp Exhibition in Canton, OH for her exhibit on astronaut Judith Resnik which included many MPP covers. She had an exhibit called, “MPPs: More than Just a Postmark” which took the third award at the same show in 1990.

Although her voice is now silent, Florance left an enduring mark on the club. Her influence, leadership, friendship, and tireless efforts in promoting MPPC are sorely missed.

Below are three photos of Florance.