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Founded May 1, 1979 by John M. Howell


Incorporated October 21, 1999



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How to Obtain an MPP

MPPC has prepared a document which will help you obtain an MPP to cancel your own mail. (You can also use the same procedure to use precanceled stamps on your mail, if you like.) Here is what you need to do:

Step 1: Print a copy of PS Form 3615. You may download the form from the USPS web site here

Step 2: Print out a copy of the seven-page MPPC procedure, which you may download here.

Step 3: Carefully read over the entire MPPC procedure. The last page of the procedure contains an example of a completed PS Form 3615. (Note that some of the information will be filled in by you, and some will be filled in by your postmaster.) It is important that you be as familiar as possible with the MPP rules and regulations.

Step 4: Now, fill out your part of PS Form 3615 to apply for your permit.

Step 5: Fill in the blanks on the first three pages of the MPPC procedure to tell your postmaster what you want.

Step 6: Give your postmaster the completed PS Form 3615 and the entire seven-page MPPC procedure. (In the event your postmaster has questions, the FAQ section may help answer most of his/her questions.)

Step 7: After you obtain an MPP number from your postmaster, you should have your rubber stamp prepared. The following MPPC members provide this service; however, MPPC does not endorse any of these individuals.

Joseph LoPreiato

165 Old Farm Dr.

Newington, CT 06111-1819


Joseph can supply either the self-inking mechanical daters or the traditional rubber stamps that requires use of an ink pad. The latter comes with a changeable seven years date set. Joe has available an 8 page illustrated brochure, "Mailer's Postmark Permits". It's free via email. Otherwise, remit $2, at the address above, which is refundable with the first order of $15 or more.

Step 8: After you've received your rubber stamp, make an impression on a 3 x 5 card or an envelope and present this to your postmaster for approval. The postmaster will attach your sample to your completed PS Form 3615 in his/her files.

Step 9: You may now begin canceling your own mail. Be sure to follow all the rules we've listed in the seven-page MPPC procedure. Have fun!