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Mailer's Postmark Permit Club


APS Affiliate No 100


Founded May 1, 1979 by John M. Howell


Incorporated October 21, 1999



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Frequently Asked Questions


Here's a list of frequently asked questions about the MPPC and MPPs in general


Q: How do I go about obtaining an MPP?

A: Check out the web page on how to obtain an MPP cancel. Full details are given there.


Q: Is there a charge for obtaining an MPP?

A: No, the application process for a permit to use an MPP is free.


Q: Who is allowed to use an MPP cancel?

A: Anyone is permitted to use a cancel with the proper permit.


Q: Can I get permit #1 from my post office?

A: MPP permits are supposed to be number sequentially beginning with number 1. However, some postmasters lump all permits together and issue permit numbers that way. You can ask about obtaining permit number 1 from your post office. However, the postmaster has the final say so in assigning the permit number.


Q: Can I get an MPP cancel from other post offices?

A: Yes, there is no residency requirement to obtain an MPP cancel. Several collectors have obtained MPP cancels from a variety of nearby post offices and mail from different offices on different occasions.


Q: What color of ink can I use?

A: The only color of ink authorized by the USPS is black.


Q: Can I deposit mail cancelled with my MPP in a street collection box?

A: No, any mail cancelled with an MPP must be presented to the post office where the permit is held and presented to a window clerk.


Q: My MPP mail gets overcancelled. How do I avoid overcancels?

A: Mail already cancelled with an MPP does not need further canceling, but it does need sorting. Some collectors have had success asking that their MPP mail be deposited along with metered mail.


Q: Where can I obtain an MPP cancel?

A: Anyone who makes rubber stamps can make an MPP cancel. There are three MPPC members who make MPP cancels. Prices and styles vary, so check out their offerings. You can contact Joseph LoPreiato by email. Or you can contact Bill Porter by email.


Q: Can I use fancy cancels, slogans, and other designs in my MPP cancel?

A: No, the only authorized style of permits is the Format A permit. Click here to see the authorized style.


Q: What are the benefits of MPPC membership?

A: The bi-monthly club newsletter, Permit Patter, is a valuable source of information about MPPs. There are auctions of MPP material, offers to exchange MPPs, and a host of other benefits.


Q: Where can I obtain a membership application?

A: A membership application is available online. Click here to download it.


Q: How much does it cost to join MPPC?

A: Dues are a modest $10/year for regular membership. Life memberships are available.


Q: When was MPPC founded?

A: MPPC was founded in 1979 by John M. Howell after the demise of the Precancelled Envelope Collectors Club.


Q: How many MPPC members are there?

A: There are approximately 150 members in MPPC.


Q: How long have MPPs been in use?

A: Mailerís Precancel Postmarks (MPPs) were first authorized on Feb 20, 1925 by Postmaster General Harry S. New in Order 1594. This authorization was made public by Postal Bulletin 13716 dated March 7, 1925. Click here for more history on MPPs.