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Mailer's Postmark Permit Club


APS Affiliate No 100


Founded May 1, 1979 by John M. Howell


Incorporated October 21, 1999



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About MPPC - Club History


Before MPPC

Before MPPC, there was no single club devoted exclusively to the study of MPPs. However, there were a number of other early clubs which, in one way or another, included MPPs as part of subject matter. These clubs included:

  • Precancelled Envelope Collectors Club (? - 1978). Primarily focused on precancelled government stamped envelopes. When the USPS stopped producing precancelled envelopes with town and state names, interest in this club started to wain and the club disbanded in 1978.

  • Precancel Stamp Society (? - present). Devoted mostly to the study and collection of precancelled postage stamps, the PSS did include some material about MPPs on a few occasions.

  • Historical Precancelled Postal Stationery Club (HPPSC) - (1960s). Formed by Ed Amos, this club issued several precancelled postal cards mailed with MPPs. Each card had a small write-up on the back about some historical event that was being commemorated. The cards were mailed with an MPP from the post office of the event being commemorated. This club did not publish a newsletter. The only membership benefit was receiving the MPP cards.

MPPC Founded

MPPC was founded in 1979 by John M Howell. Two things happened that encouraged John to form the MPPC. First, the demise of the PECC left a gap in this area of philately. Second, the USPS changed the postal regulations in 1978 to allow MPP cancels to be used on postage stamps for the first time. Prior to this, MPPs could only be used on government issued postal stationery.


John had help though. Other collectors like Steve Pavlina, James Easkins, Bob Johnston, and Larry Page came to John's aid in getting the club going.


John published the first newsletter for the club in June 1979. The first few years of newsletters were a little unstable. Trying to secure a permanent editor and volunteers to mail each issue took its toll.


It wasn't until Volume 1, Issue #3 of the club newsletter that charter member Bob Johnston gave the newsletter its name which has stuck to this day. Permit Patter was born!


The club was incorporated on Oct 21, 1999 in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


Besides being an APS affiliate, MPPC was also Society of Philatelic Americans (SPA) Branch #88479 . When the SPA folded in the 1980s, the branch designation was removed.


The club has had a number of officers and appointed positions over the years. Unfortunately, many of the officers were not listed in the early issues of Permit Patter. The list given below is a best attempt to list who served as officers of the club over the years. This list will be updated as more details come to light. Corrections are strongly encouraged!



John M. Howell (1979 - 1980)

Steve Pavlina (Jan 1980 - Dec 1980)

James Eakins (Jan 1981 - Aug 1982)

Ray Milling (Aug 1982 - Dec 1982)

John Howell (Jan 1983 - Dec 1984)

Richard Wonson (Jan 1985 - Dec 1988)

Herbert Harrington (Jan 1989 - Dec 1996)

Joe LoPreiato (Jan 1997 - Dec 2001)

Kenneth M. Davis (2001 - Dec 2009)

Matthew D. Todd (Jan 2010 - Dec 2010)

Scott A. Shaulis (Jan 2011 - Present)


Vice President:

Jim Eakins (1979)

Ray Milling (June 1981 - Aug 1982)

Dick Wonson (Jan 1983 - Dec 1984)

Marvin Anderson (Jan 1985 - Dec 1986)

Jimmy Booth (Jan 1987 - Feb 1997)

Ken Davis (Feb 1997 - Dec 2001)

Harry Drumheller (Jan 2002 - May 2006)

Matthew D. Todd (May 2006 - Dec 2009)

vacant (Jan 2010 - Dec 2010)

Matthew D. Todd (Jan 2011 - Present)



Larry Page (1979 - June 1981)

Marilyn Carr (June 1981 - Aug 1985)

Florance Sugarberg (Dec 1985 - Dec 1996)

Floyd Walker (Jan 1997 - Aug 1997)

Pete Bookman (July 1998 - October 2010)

Timothy Schnepp (October 2010 - Present)



Bob Johnston (1979)

Kali LePage (June 1981 - Dec 1984)

Henry Sultner (Jan 1985 - June 1986)

Florance Sugarberg (Aug 1986 - Dec 1997)

Ed Evan (Jan 1998 - Dec 2010)

Jim Milligan (Jan 2011 - Jan 2012)

Ed Evan (Jan 2012 - Present)