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Mailer's Postmark Permit Club


APS Affiliate No 100


Founded May 1, 1979 by John M. Howell


Incorporated October 21, 1999



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Charter Member Certificates


In July 2002, MPPC presented twenty-six charter members of the club with certificates in appreciation for their long term devotion to the club. The certificates were designed and presented by MPPC past president, Joe LoPreiato. The certificates were mailed on July 12, 2002. They were printed on parchment that was selected for its luxurious embossed gold border and the gold inscription Certificate of Membership.


The twenty-six members receiving certificates were:


2. Steve Pavlina

32. Raymond Milling
40. Ivan L. Pfalser
46. Peter M. Mann
52. M. A. Ogliaruso
60. Frank W. Hose
68. Ethel O. Howell
69. Jared L. Johnson
74. John J. Crowley
80. Helen L. McGinley
81. Jim Havlena
100. Kenneth Daniels
108. Eugene E. McBride
109. William R. Perry
112. Augustine H. Serafini
125. Herbert H. Harrington
133. Stan Longenecker
138. C. Richard Kenney
147. Phil Shragal
148. David B. Popkin
151. Carroll H. Wyrich
152. Robert J. McCurdy
160. Claude M. Newman
163. Marvin F. Anderson
170. John "Ed" Evan
189. John O. Guyer