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I was born in 1965 in Somerset, PA. I've been a stamp collector since age 12 minus a few years while going to college. I started with an H.E. Harris Traveler stamp album and a 1976 Commemorative Mint Set from the US Postal Service.


I hold a Bachelor and Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh. I also have an MBA from the Katz Graduate School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh. I am the Enterprise Data Architect for First National Bank. I work in the city of Pittsburgh, directly across the street from PNC Park.


My collecting interests are US stamps and postal stationery, Mailer's Postmark Permits, philatelic literature and precancels. I also dabble in foreign stamps and a few other minor areas that pique my interest.


I am a member of the following philatelic organizations:

  • American Philatelic Society (#196767)

  • American Stamp Dealers Association

  • National Stamp Dealers Association

  • United States Stamp Society (#14915)

  • American Philatelic Congress (#2339)

  • United Postal Stationery Society (#6056)

  • Mailer's Postmark Permit Club (#498-LM52)

  • Precancel Stamp Society (#LM288-5787)

  • Errors, Freaks, and Oddities Collectors Club (#LM0040)

  • United States Philatelic Classics Society (#4240)

  • APS Writers Unit #30

  • Auxiliary Markings Club

  • Philatelic Society of Pittsburgh (#LM73)

  • Wilkinsburg Stamp Club

  • Post Mark Collectors Club

  • Perfins Club (#LM4282)

  • Local Post Collectors Society (#683)


I am a voracious reader. I subscribe to many philatelic publications. I would encourage all collectors to do likewise. I also have a large philatelic library with a focus on material related to US issues. I have books I use for information and research. I also have books which are just plain fun to read, like all of Pat Herst's books. I firmly believee that knowledge is your most important tool in stamp collecting.


There are a few people in the hobby who I really admire. Pat Herst is my favorite philatelic writer. He just has a way with words that I cannot explain. And I am truly indebted to my philatelic mentor, Steve Pavlina (1921-2002). I knew Steve for nearly twenty years. He forgot more about stamps than I was ever able to learn. He was a remarkable collector who taught me the true meaning of stamp collecting: collecting for fun.


How did I get started in the stamp business? After finishing my MBA, I started to make plans to open my own stamp business. After 2 years of planning and preparation, I purchased a major portion of the US stamp stock of Richard Novick, long-time stamp dealer from New Jersey in February 2004.  Click here for photos of Richard and me on the sale of his stamp stock.


My philosophy and attitude towards the stamp business is quite simple. I offer accurately described material at competitive prices. My goal is to serve you, my customers, to the best of my ability. I believe in buying quality items whenever possible. But I also realize that there is nothing wrong with buying lesser grade copies when some items are out of ones financial reach. There is no shame in owning lesser grade copies as long as they are properly described and discounted appropriately. I follow that same philosophy in my own collecting habits.


No matter what you collect in stamps, be it US, worldwide, topicals, or any one of thousands of other ways in collecting stamps, I believe that everyone should collect for fun. As a dealer, my goal is to provide you with material that you will enjoy for years to come in this king of hobbies and hobby of kings!


I look forward to serving you. Please feel free to contact me any time.



Scott A. Shaulis

P.O. Box 549

Murrysville, PA 15668