I recently wrote about delivery problems with the USPS among other things. It is annoying and getting worse. The service is not that great.

A customer of mine who is a retired letter carrier of 35 years wrote to say that my complaints are valid. He says that USPS workers he knows are complaining too. In short, they are the forefront of management decisions that come across as poor service and they shoulder the blame because they are the ones in front of the unhappy patrons, like me.

He is right.

In the Murrysville post office, the line was out the door one day. There must have been close to 20 customers in line. The sole window clerk said that he is not going to kill himself to help customers when he is the only one working the window. I agree with him. I once had a job where people were laid off. The amount of work was not reduced. The company expected those left to work that much harder to compensate for the ones no longer there.

I recently mailed a package to CA. I learned my lesson a long time ago and when I mail packages today, I make sure they are wrapped very well. This package somehow came open in the mail stream. All that was left was the front of the shipping paper. Really? I know how much tape I used on that package. There is no way it “just got torn.” Someone opened it and removed the contents. The invoice was inside so they knew they were dealing with something of value. Of course, I have no proof. I was not there when it was supposedly damaged in San Francisco.

Service is very poor these days. Changes within the USPS need to be made.