The commercial on the radio talks about term life insurance: especially for folks who are overweight, have type II diabetes, and are on medications. Other comments are about how this company is run by Big Lou and how hes one of you. And of course, Big Lou is on medications too. And he will work to tip the scales in your favor.

This is s a sympathetic sales pitch. Youre sitting at home, youre a little overweight, and maybe youre older with type II diabetes. Youre looking at the pill bottles in your medicine cabinet. You conjure up your own mental picture of Big Lou and hes an average guy just like you.

You have to get life insurance from Big Lou because hes just like you and hes not going to screw you over since he knows exactly what its like to be in your shoes: overweight, diabetes, and on medication. Of course Big Lou is looking out for your best interests. Right?

I dont believe this commercial for one second. Do you want to bet that the company is really owned by Skinny Sam and all hes looking to do is make money off of you? Maybe this insurance company is a scam. I dont know. Maybe they charge higher rates than normal? How would you know? You think Big Lou is looking out for you and working on your behalf. He must be giving you the best price.

When it comes to stamps, it could go something like this. Hi, Im Scott and Im a stamp collector just like you. Yes, this pretty set of stamps here. Geez, its so nice, Im tempted to add this set to my own collection at that price! Or something like, Well, this is the last copy I have of that stamp. I sold ten of them already to my most loyal customers. There are countless sales pitches to use.

The point is that the seller is trying to sympathize with the buyer. It is a tactic that some companies use to sell their products. The only problem I have with it is when a company is using it in an attempt to lure you in to buy something at an inflated price. Let me sympathize with you and pretend that Im really your best buddy. And then I stick it to you with a high price, poor product or service, or both.

Too many times Ive seen the sympathetic sales pitch used by less reputable companies. My advice to you is to not fall for it. Do a little investigation on your end. Is the price right? Dont fall for it on face value alone because Big Lou is looking out for you. Do yourself a favor and look out for your own interests. It will save you some time and money in the long run.