My slogan says it all, ďQuality stamps at competitive pricesĒ. Period.

If you sell to me, I donít guarantee to offer the highest price paid. I will offer a fair price based on the material you have. Could you get a better price somewhere else? Maybe. Give or take a few dollars, I think my offers are in line with what any other reputable dealer would offer for the same material.

If you buy from me, I donít guarantee the lowest price. I think my prices are lower than most dealers. But someone may have a lower price than me if you look hard enough. Give or take a few dollars, I feel that if you buy stamps from me, youíll pay the same price for the same item in the same condition elsewhere.

I donít buy at the highest prices. I donít guarantee to sell at the lowest prices. I do stand behind my reputation though of trying to offer stamps at competitive prices. I prefer the straightforward approach. Iím plain and simple in that way. I feel itís the best thing for the customer.