This is a true story. This is too bizarre for even my brain to make this up. What is ironic is that I know the stamp dealer who is involved in this case. Iím going to omit names.

The 57 year old wife of a 66 year old New York stamp dealer tried to hire a hit man to have her husband run over by a car. She didnít have the $10,000 to pay the hit man up front. In exchange, she agreed to pay him $60,000 afterwards in stamps and jewelry for the dastardly deed. She was looking to cash in on her husbandís life insurance policy. The man she was talking to spoiled the plot by going to authorities. A sting operation was promptly set up. She was arrested for conspiracy and criminal solicitation in the plot to kill her husband. She is now in jail awaiting trial.

The dealer is alive and well and still doing business. Luckily, his wife didnít succeed in having him stamped out.

I told Lori not to get any bright ideas. Should I stop responding to emails or not fill your order, now youíll know what happened to me.