Iím not on Facebook or Twitter. I donít write blogs. My pricelists are the closes thing to a blog that I create.

Part of it is due to my personality. Iím an introvert. Meaning I prefer to be alone than around crowds of people. Putting my personal information on social media isnít something I desire to do. No one is really going to care that Iím excited to pick up a nice used US #122 today.

I think social media as a whole is slowing down. People are realizing that they are spending hours looking at photos of their neighbors grandchildren. Most of it is irrelevant information to them.

When I read news stories on the Internet, I rarely read any comments posted. Most of it is from people who have an ego. ďLook at what I have to say about this situation! Look at me!Ē Sometimes their comments have absolutely nothing to do with the subject of the posting. I could post that I just bought a nice set of plate blocks and someone else is saying that the USPS issues too many stamps and should be boycotted.

A little bit of social media is OK Ė like with close friends or family. But in the huge world of online websites, Iím but a speck in time. The world isnít going to change because I posted a comment on something. My life isnít going to change if I donít get the latest feeds of new issue information from the USPS. Itís constant interruptions that I can live without.

Sometimes I receive invitations from people (sometimes they are a customer) to join some stamp collecting group on Facebook. Or they see something on a blog and they want me to post something in response because they view me as an ďexpertĒ who can set the record straight. Sorry, but I just have way too much work to do. Iím not going to get caught up on all of this social media stuff. I simply donít have the time or interest.