As I expand my stock into the 1991-2005 stamp issues, I run into many more self-adhesive issues. In the past, I only had a few to deal with. I had to make an important decision on how to list them.

In the case of commemorative or other panes of stamps (such as definitive), the die cuts extend into the backing paper. Panes of stamps can be easily separated into singles and plate blocks.

With booklet or coil issues, the die cuts usually donít extend into the backing paper. Extracting a single stamp is much more difficult.

Done properly on a booklet, I have to remove the 2 or 3 surrounding stamps so that I can trim the paper around the one stamp. That was so I didnít damage the stamp and so that there is enough backing paper left that none of the edges of the stamp are exposed. Doing this requires some time and effort. The 2 or 3 mint stamps that I remove must be used up for postage. They are no longer collectible.

I made a tough decision. In the case of booklet stamps, Iím only going to list the entire pane of stamps. Iím not to spend 5-10 minutes trying to extract a mint single stamp from the pane when the value of the mint single is usually less than a dollar. Itís not worth my time and effort to do that on so many issues.

Iím more forgiving on coils though. In the case of a mint single or pair, it only means removing one stamp. Itís much easier and less costly. In the case of coils, I will try to list mint singles and pairs.

Some may say that you could take any backing paper from any stamp issue and move the single stamp from the booklet pane to the other backing paper, and sell it that way. To the purist, the stamp didnít originate on that backing paper. To me, it doesnít seem right that the stamp was lifted from the booklet and transferred to some other backing paper.

Maybe Iím missing something? But I donít see an easy way to extract a single stamp from a booklet pane without removing other stamps around it and trimming the paper. If there is a better idea, Iíd like to hear it. In the meantime, sorry, if you want singles of the booklet stamps, I only have them available as full booklet panes. I wish there was an easier way.