This is one of my pet peeves.

I get lots of envelopes. I despise people who use adhesive tape and seal every edge tightly like they were guarding the gold in Fort Knox. I use a letter opener to open my mail. Letters like this make it difficult to open. Sometimes they are almost impossible to open without risking damage to the contents. There isnít the slightest gap anywhere on the envelope to cut open the flap. It drives me nuts. I have to cut a corner of the letter open with scissors and pray that I donít cut into the contents. Then I have enough of an opening that I can slip the letter opener in there and complete the job.

I use tape in sealing some of the stuff I send out. But I think itís unnecessary to seal tight every tiny gap in the envelope flap. Leaving a quarter inch space or so wonít change anything. It will aid the recipient in opening the envelope without damaging the contents.