Speaking of the imperf press sheets, the editors at the Scott catalogs have done an about face. Previously, the imperf press sheets were not listed in the Scott catalogs. Starting with the 2016 catalogs, they will be listed with minor letters (e.g., 4003a or something like that). The catalog editors are also going to list the Inverted Jenny ďUnvertĒ panes.

On one hand, Iím happy. When collectors have these items and donít know what they are, they should be able to find them in the catalog. That part is good because now everything is listed.

On the other hand, it goes against some of the editorial policies of Scott about not listing items that are purposely issued in limited quantities (such as the Unvert souvenir sheet). If they are going to bend the rules here, will they bend the rules for issues from other countries as well?

Catalog recognition aside, I still donít plan to deal in these imperf press sheets on a regular basis.