I use a post office box for my business mail. It works well for me. The most annoying thing is that when I have a package I need to sign for, I have to wait in line.

The USPS recently implemented changes where I can keep a signature on file. When packages requiring a signature arrive, they will go straight into my post office box. The only exception is registered mail which must be signed for in person.

This is a terrific idea that should have been done long ago.

From my perspective, I donít have to wait in line any more to pick up packages. Theyíre in my box. Itís much more convenient to me.

There are many more benefits to the USPS. Lines will be shorter with fewer people in line to pick up a package. Labor costs should be reduced. Now, packages can go straight into my box. Under the old way, someone had to fill out a card and slip it into my box that I had a package to pick up. The package was put in a special area. Then a window clerk had to go hunt down my package and wait for me to sign for it. The new way saves a lot of steps.