I received an email from someone who belonged to the same club I did. I know this person joined the club in 2000 and did not renew their dues for 2002. Heís now living in Florida. I replied to his email and asked, ďWe had a member with your name living in Baltimore, MD in 2000. Was that you?Ē Boy, did I get a shock.

He replied that he might have been that person, but he canít remember. He was in the Army at the time and working in the Pentagon on 9/11. He survived, but had a piece of metal lodged in his skull. The Army placed him on retirement with full benefits. He remembers almost nothing of his life before June 2002.

When you lose a club member, you often think they donít like something about the club and donít renew. Who would ever think that a member was in a hospital recovering from a brain injury due to 9/11.

God bless him for his service to his country.