I provide stories about some of the impossible customers I have to deal with. I usually do it with a bit of humor injected. However, my stories are not unique to the stamp business.

You might be surprised to learn how many of my customers have similar stories for the companies they worked for. I get letters such as, I read your story about the customer who did XYZ. I had his cousin in my department store in 1964.

When you operate a business, you are always going to have to deal with difficult customers. It does not matter if you are selling stamps, coins, groceries, or clothing. Every business has them.

Sometimes I get a note from a customer saying, I hope Im not the guy you talked about last time. Trust me, if you are on my mailing list and doing business with me, you are not one of my problem customers. Problem customers do not hang around very long for me. I have too many other things to do.

Sometimes I get returns from a customer with an apologetic note, Sorry, but I goofed and I have this stamp in my collection already. Hey, it happens. We all make mistakes, including me. Someone orders the wrong thing. Someone calculates the order and they are a little short on the total. It happens. Once in a while is not a big deal.

But I have quickly come to understand when I have an impossible customer. Any business owner will tell you that you learn to identify and remove those customers as quickly as possible. Otherwise, they will consume every minute of your time and sap every ounce of energy from you. In the meantime, your best customers are not getting the service they deserve. You will soon be out of business if you allow that to happen.

I hope the stories I pass along are humorous and sometimes educational. They are meant to be. I have no animosity against anyone. I realize that I cannot please everyone all of the time. Sometimes it is necessary to do away with certain customers in order to focus on the most important aspects of my business. That is what keeps my business going. That is why I am here to serve you.