Some time ago, a coworker of mine was saying about an opera that he attended with his wife. He asked if I ever went to see an opera. I have not. He started to explain why he liked the opera. It made no difference to me. Iíve seen parts of operas performed on TV. When I was in high school, we had to watch a recording of an opera for my English class.

I have nothing against operas, but to be honest, they are of no interest to me. Operas that are performed in Italian are the worst because I canít understand a single thing they are saying. Even the ones done in English have so much signing in them, I canít follow the words. My attention span with an opera is about one minute. Then Iím bored and I need to find something else go do. People will disagree with me, but thatís just my personality.

That same argument can be made for stamps. Collectors, like myself, enjoy stamps for various reasons. They are tiny works of art. They are about the history of a country. And so forth. Just because I find pleasure in stamp collecting doesnít mean everyone else will find those same pleasures. There are probably many people who think that collecting stamps is a waste of time. And if they had to do it, they wouldnít enjoy it.

Sometimes I think customers feel bad when they tell me they are selling their collection because their kids arenít interested in stamps. Sometimes they almost sound apologetic; like they did something wrong. Otherwise, of course their kids would be interested in stamps.

I think itís important to expose people to stamp collecting. Some will catch on and become stamp collectors. Some will not be interested and want no parts of stamps. There is no right or wrong about it. Itís just personal preferences.

Opera isnít for me. But I realize stamps arenít for everyone. Thatís perfectly OK.