Perish the thought! Yes, I removed listings from used US stamps for the common issues from Scott #772 onward. There is a reason why.

Demand for used US issues from Scott #772 onward is extremely low among my customer base. Sales of these used issues are a tiny fraction of my business. Honestly, I donít think the money I spend on printing these prices in each pricelist is recovered by the small sales figures.

For those customers who are interested in these used stamps, I am offering to send a separate listing of these stamps. The prices almost never change and 95% of them are under $1 in price except for a few issues like Scott #1053.

I will continue to list pre-1940 used issues. There is demand for them. I havenít changed my policy with listing these earlier issues.

This decision allows me to better control costs without adversely affecting my customer base. If you want a listing of these stamps, just let me know and Iíll gladly send you a copy of my prices for free. And if you have an older copy of my pricelist that shows these prices, you could use those prices. Any difference would be trivial since many of these prices rarely change. Thanks for your understanding. If you have any questions, let me know.