I am a huge fan of Herman “Pat” Herst. I have all of his books. Some of them I have read several times. He’s a wonderful philatelic author and one of the most respected dealers in philately. Pat Herst is in the ASDA Hall of Fame.

Pat’s widow, Ida, came across the manuscript in a shoe box in a closet when selling the family home. Ken knew that he had to finish it and have it published. That is exactly what he did.

“Put A Stamp On It!” is a collection of 77 short stories from the pen of Pat Herst. The writing is precisely in Pat’s style from his earlier books. If you like Pat’s earlier writings such as “Nassau Street”, I highly recommend this book. At just $20, it is a bargain and well worth every penny.

Contact Ken Herst at kenherstbook@cox.net for ordering and payment information. You will be glad you did.