There is a quote. It goes something like this, ďLife isnít about the destination. Itís about the journey.Ē The author is unknown. There are several flavors of this quote, but they basically say the same thing.

Stamp collecting should be the same way. Itís not about the stamps you have. Itís the thrill in finding new items for your collection.

Thatís part of the reason why I collect Mailerís Precancel Postmarks (MPPs). Itís a little known area of philately. There arenít too many collectors who save these special cancels. And to this date, discoveries can still be made. Once or twice a year, I make a discovery of a new MPP cancel that is 50+ years old. Itís thrilling to make a find like this and add something new to my collection.

Stamp collecting is supposed to be fun. Itís supposed to be relaxing.

True collectors get more joy out of saving their pennies for that stamp they want. Theyíll look high and low for a copy that matches their budget. They are thrilled when they are finally able to buy that item. If you ask them about that stamp, theyíll be able to tell you exactly what it cost, how long it took to find it, where they bought it at, and how important it is to them.

How many stamps like this do you have in your collection? What stamps are part of your journey?