The USPS has lost its mind.

The reissued Inverted Jenny stamp was a good idea. It’s a popular stamp. I’m sure many collectors bought souvenir sheets for their collections. The USPS will make a nice profit on those stamps that will never see use.

After the souvenir sheet was released, word came out that 100 copies were released with the “error” of the plane being right side up. I’m sure the USPS hopes that even more copies will be bought by folks hoping to strike gold by finding an “error” pane. Some call it the “unvert” pane.

The USPS has hit rock bottom with this issue. How are these deliberate errors any different than the deliberate errors and other “wallpaper” issues that many eastern European countries and questionable island nations produced? The philatelic press used to be full of letters to the Editor with collectors howling at the unnecessary and superfluous issues

The job of the USPS is to deliver the mail. To do that, it tries to issue attractive stamps that customers want to use on their letters. In my opinion, the USPS needs to get back to its main purpose and stop issuing garbage like intentionally produced errors.