Many of you ask where the ideas come from in my commentary sections.

My main source is customers. You hear about my encounters with some of the customers I have to deal with (insert laughter here!). Some of my customers share stories, ask questions, and so forth. That also feeds into my commentary.

The philatelic press provides material. I read many philatelic publications from the weekly/monthly publications as well as publications for the clubs I belong to. An article in a magazine or a letter to the editor can start the wheels spinning in my head.

Ordinary things happen to me in life (and not philatelic in nature). A little while back, I wrote about an experience in going to a collectibles store in a local shopping mall and the worker (I assume it was the owner) was busy playing cards. He was oblivious to my presence in the store. That sparked a piece about customer service. Everyday things around me sometimes spark an idea.

It does not matter to me where the inspiration comes from, philatelic events or not. I use those moments of inspiration to feed into my commentary. If the inspiration is not philatelic in nature, I draw analogies to the philatelic world that the typical collector can relate to.