In my Winter 2012 pricelist (all of my commentary is always available on my website), I wrote about Steve Pavlina and Dave Johnson who were two very influential people in my life. At age 17, I joined the Western PA Precancel Society (now defunct) and Steve and Dave were two members who took me under their wing. Steve died from cancer in November 2002. Dave and I were the last two surviving members of the club who regularly attended the local meetings in membersí homes.

On Saturday, Feb 7, 2015 Ė I got the phone call Iíve been dreading for a long time. Dave passed away from respiratory failure and heart failure. He got old and his body couldnít go on.

Although the stamp club was no longer operating, I had been going to see Dave in Erie three times a year: spring, summer, and fall before the snow flies. We would go to lunch and chat about stamps all day. We reminisced about the club. He enjoyed our visits. I did too.

Dave developed some medical problems in the fall. I wasnít able to see him at the end of October like I usually do. He was moved to a nursing home and I was able to visit him on Dec 6th because the weather was nice for the trip. You never know when itís going to snow in PA.

I was glad that I got to see Dave one more time. I wish there were more visits, but it was not meant to be. At least I have a lot of wonderful memories of Dave that I will always be able to recall. And there are various parts of my collection that are things that once belonged to Dave. Most collectors would look at those things and see no particular value. To me, they are priceless treasures. Rest in peace my friend.