A gentleman from New York called me. He found my contact information in the Scott catalog. He was looking for some information on an error that he thought he had. I am Secretary of the EFO Collectors Club, but I donít deal in EFOs.

He was Greek and spoke slowly. He described an error that he thought he had on Scott #1033, the 2Ę Jefferson sheet stamp from the Liberty Series. He was older and rambled on a little bit. But I got the gist of what he was saying.

He submitted his error stamp for a certificate of authenticity, but (in his words), ďThey didnít give me the time of day and they hung up on me.Ē He said that he tried contacting the APS in Bellefonte and they hung up on him too.

I talked to him for a few minutes. He tried to describe what he had. Without seeing it, I think what he had was not an error.

I explained to him that I do not deal in errors that I was merely the Secretary of the club. And as a dealer, my opinion carries no weight in the philatelic world. Only the recognized expertizing agencies have any credence with their professional opinions.

In the end, he thanked me up and down and really appreciated me spending time with him. It was only a few minutes. And to be honest, he was in the same spot he was before he called me. Iím glad that he thought I was helpful. Personally, I didnít think that I did much at all.