In the last few months, I received emails from someone who appears to be of Eastern Europe origins Ė perhaps one of the old Soviet block of communist countries. The email contains a small selection of stamps and covers. The person on the other end is sending this message to many different dealers. They probably grabbed our email addresses from the APS or ASDA website. Each email is the same, a selection of material with the person asking for help in pricing the items so that they can sell them online.

Iím not looking to be a millionaire, but what is in it for me? Nothing was offered in compensation for taking my time to help them price these items. Iíve since blocked their email address so that I donít have to be bothered with these nuisance emails. I doubt any dealer has responded.

I donít mind giving free advice to anyone as long as itís quick and easy. If itís an involved process though, forget it.