I do not advocate doing anything illegal. If you are like me, the current rate structure based on weight, size, distance, flexibility, smell, and a myriad of other factors is confusing. I contend that if you take a non-standard package to ten different post offices, you are likely to get several different rates. Why? Even postal workers interpret the rate structures and regulations differently. This is what happens when you have a convoluted rate structure that is left open to interpretation.

I have had a few instances where items I mailed were assessed postage due before arriving. I think I put the correct postage on there. Someone felt differently along the way. How do I argue with someone in Las Vegas who is handling a piece of mail that I sent and they solely determine that I have the wrong postage on there? There is no appeal process.

I came up with a solution that I think solves my problem: large quantities of discount postage.

For example, take the 3 or 4 ounce letter that might be too thick or too rigid for the standard postage rate. Those items go into a mail slot at the local post office. I used to put one or two stamps on there. It is easy to compute the postage in your head. Therein lies my problem. A postal worker sees that I have 91˘ postage. They calculate it to be (say) $1.23 instead. My customer owes 42˘ postage due. This makes me look bad in front of my customer. I never want my customer to be out any money. When I am made aware of it, I refund the postage due and throw in a few more discount stamps to make up for their inconvenience.

My solution is to use many stamps on the envelope because the postal clerk is probably not going to take the time to count a half dozen or more stamps on there. They are more likely to say, “Uh … I guess there is enough on there,” and let the letter go through without postage due. It may still be rated as postage due, but the chances are much less. My customers are less burdened by some arbitrary “rate ruling” that is done by some worker at some random post office.

Doing something illegal is wrong. If you want to try to bypass arbitrary rate rulings, then plaster the letter with as many stamps as possible to make up what you think the correct rate is. I bet your letter goes through just fine.

If you start seeing a lot more stamps on my mail, now you understand why.