Some of you many know that I write a short article for the quarterly issue of the Brookman Times, published by Arlene Dunn who operates Brookman Cover Specialist. She also publishes the annual Brookman Price Guide. My articles are on general interest stories for collectors of US stamps.

Arlene recently gave me a phone call to thank me for the articles that I’ve been submitting to her. Arlene’s assistant, Michelle, is responsible for putting the publication together. I recently wrote a short article about US stamps that were issued for International Philatelic Exhibitions (for their special issue for the World Stamp Show NY 2016 show). They were able to tie my article in with some related covers they had for sale. It was a win-win situation for both of us.

I am not paid a stipend for my articles. The benefit is that I have more exposure to collectors who see me as more than just a dealer making money. And Arlene is a sweet lady who sees to it that I’m taken care of with my paid advertising in the Brookman Times as well as the Brookman Price Guide.

If you have an interest in covers, I invite you to check out Arlene’s material at She can also be reached at 167 So. River Rd. Unit 3, Bedford, NH 03110. She specializes in a lot of interesting and unusual covers and postal history that you do not find lying around every day. I don’t get many covers other than the more common and ordinary material that I pick up in local collections. Arlene’s stock is way better than anything I’m ever likely to come across.

Arlene has been involved with the hobby for many years. She’s an ardent supporter of philately and a first class lady all of the way!