People sometimes ask what my favorite stamp is. I have a few favorites, but for different reasons.

From a design standpoint, Iíve always like the Letter Writing stamps, Scott #1805-10. That issue uses bright colors. The layout with tall and small stamps is unusual. Visually, I just like those stamps. I liked them when they were issued and itís stuck ever since.

I like Scott #C3a. I will probably never own a copy. But itsí interesting history is well documented. I never tire of reading about this stamp.

I like my copy of Scott #292, the Cattle in the Storm stamp from the 1898 Trans-Mississippi issue. This stamp routinely shows up on the list of all time favorite stamps among US collectors as one of the best designed stamps. Iím not an artist, but design wise, I like the Letter Writing stamps more than this #292.

I like my copy of #292 for a different reason. My copy is not well centered: itís just Fine centering. However, my copy came from my stamp buddy, Steve Pavlina, from Cheswick, PA. Steve and I were best friends for many years before cancer took him away on Nov 24, 2002.

When I see my copy of #292, I think of Steve. It brings back many wonderful memories of a friendship that lasted almost 20 years before he died. For sentimental reasons, this is the most important stamp in my collection. To another collector, itís probably only worth $100 because it is off center. To me, itís priceless and irreplaceable. I miss my stamp buddy. I wish he was still here today.

Those are some of my favorite stamps. I have others for various reasons. However, the #292 is the king of my collection.

Which are your favorite stamps? Why?