Recent issues of Mekeelís & Stamps magazine ran a series of articles about the Shanahan auction scandal of the 1950s. The articles were originally written by Harry Lindquist, founder of STAMPS magazine. Itís an interesting story about one of the major scandals in philatelic history.

In one article, Mr. Lindquist mentions how his publication turned away multi-page advertising from the Shanahan firm because, it was their belief, something was not right with the company. The bottom line, Mr. Lindquist worried more about protecting his readers than lining his wallet with advertising dollars from what appeared to be a less than reputable company. That speaks volumes about the kind of man Harry Lindquist was.

A few years ago, we had ďThe RingĒ where certain dealers conspired to rig auction bids. That was well published in the philatelic press. The latest scandal is the Escala Group which is currently going through the court system. Unfortunately, Iím sure that in 10 or 20 years, there will be yet another scandal to shake the philatelic community.

A good dose of ethics all the way around would do the hobby some good.

We need publishers like Harry Lindquist who put readers ahead of profits. We need dealers who deal in accurately described items for fair profits. We need collectors who donít secretly alter/fake their stamps to increase their value. We need to throw out the few scoundrels that infect our wonderful hobby. Philately would be a better place without them. I congratulate the American Philatelic Society (APS) and the American Stamp Dealer Association (ASDA) who strive to keep its ranks clean by removing dishonest members.

I donít claim to be perfect. I never have. I try to do the best job that Iím capable of. Sometimes I fall a little short and when I do, I disappoint myself more than anyone else. I will work hard to earn your trust and your business.