Scott #2721 is the 1993 Elvis stamp. It was a best seller for the USPS who had 517 million copies printed. I see this stamp many, many times in collections I buy.

A local woman contacted me with her fatherís collection. He passed away a few months ago and she wanted to dispose of the collection. It was a typical collection of a few albums and shoeboxes of material. Most of the value was in the mint panes of stamps. While reviewing the collection, she mentioned that she liked Elvis and she always marveled at the Elvis stamp her father had in his collection.

I bought the collection from her. In breaking it down, I ran into his copy of the Elvis stamp. I emailed her and asked if she wanted the stamp back. To me, it was just another stamp to use for postage because I have tons of these stamps already. To her, it had infinite sentimental value.

I put the stamp in a glassine and mailed it to her. I told her to get the stamp out once in a while and remember her father. She was thrilled that I was willing to part with this stamp and return it to her. She gave me a huge compliment. I was glad to make her day and give her something special from her fatherís collection that sheíll never be able to replace. Those other 516,999,999 copies just arenít the same!