That excuse has been around forever. It’s been 33 years since I graduated from high school. Do kids still use that excuse?

I received an order from a customer. The top of the order form was wrinkled and some of it was missing. He put a note on it saying that he caught his cat nibbling at the order form. Luckily, he stopped the cat before he ate into any of the items he listed. The cat got the blank margin only.

I just hope he does not leave any valuable stamps lying around that the cat decides to chew on. I understand cats seem to prefer the MNH Scott #245 $5 Columbians and the MNH #293 Trans-Mississippi issue. The Washington-Franklin heads are safe – they leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. I couldn’t tell you if I was chewing on a #499 or a #500.

I accept any legible order you send to me. Even if part of the order has been chewed on by a cat or some other pet!