This situation is not unique to me. Others are having problems with the delivery of their mail.

Some of it is related to the closings of mail processing facilities. Some mail now takes longer to travel from point A to point B.

Some of it could be related to the never ending line of workers in my local post office. I mail a lot of packages, so Iím a frequent customer at the window at the Murrysville post office. I know many of the workers by name and they know me. We have a good relationship.

Over the last few years though, there has been a steady stream of workers. It seems like some workers are there for a few months or so and then they are transferred out to another office. Another new worker takes their spot.

I recently received a letter back with the usual yellow ďUnable to ForwardĒ label. I mailed the letter in Feb 2016 and it was returned to me in November 2016. Where was this letter at for nine months?

In July 2016, I received a letter in my PO Box that was cancelled Jan 5, 2016. A handwritten note on the front said, ďSorry, I just found this in my box.Ē That letter must have been put in another PO Box for someone who was away for an extended period of time. Upon their return, they found the letter meant for me.

Incidents like this make you, the customer, think that Iím not being responsive.

For orders, I try to be responsive within 24 hours. For general correspondence, it varies unless there is something time sensitive. I donít mean to delay on general correspondence. Itís just that between a regular job (software engineer), the stamp business, and three young kids, something has to give. The shorter the correspondence, the more likely I am to respond sooner. Some correspondence is longer and it takes a back seat compared to other things.

For orders or other time sensitive things, if you havenít heard from me, itís OK to email or write again to see what is up. Itís very possible that I have not received your mail. In the meantime, I can only hope that the occasional mail delivery issues are soon rectified.

I do the best that I can to be prompt in answering correspondence and filling orders. However, I am at the mercy of the USPS for delivery, which is sometimes very delayed. If you ever have a question, donít be afraid to write to me. It could very well be that I never received your original correspondence or order. It never hurts to inquire. Thank you.