The company offering the free silver bar also mentions in their ad that the offer is only good for the first 50 callers. Really? How many people do you think call this company and hear, “Sorry, but we already had 50 people call, The offer is no longer valid.” Trust me, that NEVER happens. Everyone who calls will qualify for this “limited time special offer”.

If you take time to think the offer through, there is a chance that you realize it’s for only 1 gram of silver. Or you’ll get busy with something else and you forget to call. The company has this “limited” offer so that you call right now. The sooner they hook you, the sooner they start raking in your money.

Limited time offers are a tactic that many businesses use to get customers to commit to making a decision to buy something right now. They don’t want a customer to get away.

You won’t find any of that here. Yes, I have special offers such as coupons that expire in a reasonable period of time. Or I warn people that the specials in my pricelist sell quickly – because they honestly do. Some of my customers are disappointed to learn when a special is already gone. I don’t use “limited time” offers to reel customers in when I have no intention of limiting the offer. I understand why businesses do this. It’s just not something I believe in.

In my opinion, companies who engage in tactics like this are companies who won’t be around very long. They will be here a couple of months or a few years with their 1 gram silver bars. Before long, the complaints start to mound and people get wise. Once they have taken advantage of a few fools and made a quick buck, they close down their operations and move on to the next get-rich-quick scheme to make a fast buck. It’s silver bars today, gold stamps tomorrow, and facsimile stock certificates after that. Wherever they can make a quick buck.

I’m in this for the long haul. I believe in treating customers fair and square and making a fair profit over many, many years.