Some days, I feel like I知 a contradiction.

I知 a part time dealer. I hold down a full time job during the day. I do the stamps in the evenings and weekends. I was a software engineer for many years and developed computer programs. Now I知 the manager of a software development group. I spend many hours per day sitting in front of a computer and directing work for the software projects I知 involved with.

I致e had people tell me that I should get onto various blogs and Internet stamp groups (Yahoo, Google, etc) so that I can sell stamps. Honestly, the last thing that I want to do is spend more time on a computer with these things. I知 involved in computers with work and the last thing I want to do is spend more time on a computer? Huh?

As a business person, I don稚 see the value in spending time on blogs and news groups. Here is why.

Many of these groups are not people looking to buy stamps. Most of the conversations are about the new issues coming out or how to identify certain stamps. Some of the conversations are about how to collect stamps or what stamps many go up in value. I知 going to spend a lot of time wading through chatter to find the occasional posting that says, 的知 looking to buy a nice copy of Scott #1 for $300. Does anyone know where to find one? Just because I chime in saying that I have such a copy doesn稚 mean that person will buy from me.

This is part of what I知 saying when I mention that I need to be smart about managing my time. I want to focus on useful things and avoid those things that aren稚 as useful. I can稚 do it all and personally, I don稚 see much benefit in roaming through blogs and news groups trying to drum up the random sale. I think I値l spend many hours on there for a few dollars in sales.

I知 also not on Twitter. If I was, I doubt I would have many followers. I知 going to tweet that I just added a MNH Scott #245 to my inventory. Followers are going to reply, 滴ow much? I知 also not interested in following others. I don稚 need the USPS tweeting me that the next new issue will be out next Tuesday. The First Day ceremony is many miles away from me and I won稚 be attending. So what痴 the point?

Maybe my thinking is all wrong about this? But I don稚 think so. But it does make me feel like a contradiction though. I embrace technology for work. But I知 not utilizing all of this social media stuff for my business.