This sounds strange coming from a dealer who sells US stamps. Let me explain.

Can you tell me the Scott numbers of stamps that depict these various subjects? How about a stamp for a Pope? Ancient Roman architecture? African tribal masks? British royalty? If you’re going through the catalog, you can stop. There are no US issues that depict those and many, many other subjects.

Stamps are miniature pieces of art and history. Many times they reflect the people, culture, and customs of the country that issues them.

If you want stamps that depict a Pope, you can look at stamps from the Vatican. Ancient Roman architecture – try Italy. Several African nations issue stamps with local tribal masks. British royalty – the possibilities are endless starting with Great Britain.

Stamps can teach you things that you never knew. Who is that person depicted on that stamp from Russia? Is that Czar Nicholas? Who was he and how was he important to end up on a stamp?

Collectors will sometimes write that they’ve given up collecting because the items they need are too expensive and there is nothing within their means to collect. Hogwash, I say! Collect worldwide. Or collect other countries. There is a whole universe of stamps out there beyond just the US. There is a whole world of miniature pieces of art and history before you. You just might learn something new.

You don’t have to collect everything. Collect what interests you. It doesn’t require a huge sum of money. It gives you more mileage out of the hobby you enjoy, stamp collecting. So why not try it? What do you have to lose?

US stamps are nice, but they are limited. There are approximately 5000 stamps listed in the front of the Scott catalog. They are all about US subjects though. Even if you include all of the back of the book material: airmails, postage dues, parcel post, revenues, and so forth – you’re still looking at several thousand stamps.

If you really enjoy the hobby and you’re coming to the end of the US material that you can afford, try worldwide stamps for a change of pace. If you’re collecting for fun, it’s an excellent way to keep the fun going.