In the winter 2014 pricelist, I offered to sell up to two copies of the imperf Circus souvenir sheet from the press sheets prepared by the USPS. How did it go?

Interest was very strong. Many collectors wrote to me immediately and reserved their sheet(s) with their payment. Unfortunately, I did have to turn away a few customers at the end because I sold all of the souvenir sheets that I had. I donít like disappointing customers. By the time I sold out, the USPS already removed the press sheet from sale because they sold out too. If I could have bought more at face value, I would have just to fill customer orders. Alas, I didnít make everyone happy.

I had a few non-customers write to me with ďpromisesĒ to place a future order in hopes that I would sell them a copy of the souvenir sheet. Sorry, that wasnít part of the deal. You had to be a customer prior to my winter pricelist. No one has ever placed an order with me. Even if I would have sold them a souvenir sheet, I bet few, if any, would have placed an additional order.

I did have one very irate customer. He waited until the end of February to order two copies. Of course, I was sold out long ago. I returned his money and refunded his postage and explained that I was sold out. He wrote me a very hostile ďDear JohnĒ letter and read me the riot act about what a horrible dealer I was and now he missed out on this souvenir sheet. Sorry, I did say that supplies were limited. Why he waited 3 months to order it, I donít know.

Hereís the real kicker. After telling me that I was a terrible dealer and he would never order from me again, he sent me two stamps to identify for him because he didnít know what they were. That takes guts! One day you want nothing to do with me and a few days later, youíre seeking my help to identify two stamps. I politely returned the stamps to him and explained that I didnít want to further irritate him by getting the identification wrong. I suggested to him that the next dealer he does business with may be able to help him. I kept it professional, but I really saw no use in helping him after he told me off with a very scathing letter.