What is on your philatelic bucket list? No, I donít mean your want list of the same 100 to 200 stamps that you need to fill those holes in your album. The same 100-200 stamps that everyone else needs. What is on your bucket list?

Is it to attend an international stamp show like the World Stamp Show New York 2016 this year? I was at the Washington, DC show in 2006. I would love to go to New York this year, but it just isnít possible due to other circumstances.

Is it to exhibit your favorite collection? I have collected stamps for 38 years. However, I have never exhibited any of my collections. The exhibition bug has never bit me. Iíve never had a desire to write up and exhibit any of my collections. It just doesnít hold any interest to me. Some people like to exhibit. More power to them if that is what they enjoy.

Maybe you want to get involved in organizing a stamp club that is targeted towards new collectors such as school students or retired individuals.

Try taking the plunge into the world of philatelic writing. Start with a letter to the Editor in one of the philatelic publications or a society journal. Graduate to writing a short article about something that interests you or something that you have a lot of knowledge about. Others may be interested in what you have to say.