In some cases, modern self-adhesive issues can be collected as a block of stamps or as a strip of stamps. The Scott catalog lists them as either a block or a strip with the same catalog value. Which is the correct format?

The answer is that either one is fine. Because there is no difference in catalog value, they are the same.

In the case of an odd number of stamps to comprise a multiple, a strip of stamps is preferred over an irregular looking block of stamps. But when the number of stamps is even, in my opinion, blocks are more preferred than strips. Why? For two reasons. First, blocks are more compact than strips. In some cases, the size of a strip of stamps is larger than an album page. Second, many printed albums show blocks of stamps for that issue, not strips.Therefore, collectors will want to save a block of stamps because thatís what the printed album shows.

There is nothing wrong with collecting strips of stamps if that is your preference. When it comes time to sell though, donít be surprised if other collectors arenít interested in your strips of stamps because it doesnít fit into their way of collecting.

As always, you should collect what you want for the enjoyment of the hobby. Collecting for fun is what stamp collecting is all about.