There is a stamp dealer who, as far as I know, now only sells on online auction sites. He was a member of the APS and ASDA at one time. He was expelled from the ASDA. I donít know why he is no longer an APS dealer member.

Iíve had some customers complain to me about him. And I read some of the online postings from others who label him a shady crook.

I learned long ago that you donít disparage other dealers. Many times, I donít have the facts and Iím only seeing one side of the story. All I can say is, ďIím sorry you had a bad experience with another dealer. How can I help you?Ē

In this case though, the evidence is mounting. I feel strongly that this guy is giving philately a bad rap. In some cases, I think he is selling deceptive and questionable material that is incorrectly described. Unfortunately, he isnít some new dealer that will quickly burn out and go away. This person has been in the business a long time and I donít see him going away anytime soon.

There is nothing I can do to directly change what is going on. I canít force him to quit selling stamps. I canít stop others from buying from him.

Any dealer can sell an incorrect item. Iíve done it. I admit it. Iím not happy about it because I set high standards for myself. Iím sure other dealers who mistakenly sell something that is incorrect are kicking themselves too.

Every dealer is going to have some upset customers. You canít please everyone 100% of the time. Even the most respected dealers of all time had their detractors. But in this particular case with this particular dealer, I think it goes beyond the ďOoops, I messed up.Ē I feel that this dealer is offering material that is questionable at best.