No, this deal wasnít worth millions of dollars. While I think I have a nice selection of stamps, I donít carry anything that has enormous value. If you want to read about million dollar deals, you can stop now.

I recently bought a collection containing some mint panes of stamps and offered those full panes listed by Scott number to customers.

A gentleman sent me an order for a few panes. One of the panes he wanted was Scott #1375 (Alabama Statehood) which I listed for $6. During this deal, I learned that this was one of the first issues that he picked up as a boy when he began collecting stamps. He still has the original block of four stamps and some other singles that he bought at the time. He was thrilled to have the opportunity to buy a full pane of these stamps. It was obvious that it meant the world to him. It had special meaning to him.

Knowing that I was able to help him acquire a pane of stamps for one of the first issues he bought as a child meant a lot to me. The deal was worth a few dollars in monetary terms. But it gave me great satisfaction that I helped him.

These are the kinds of deals that I enjoy the most Ė knowing that Iím helping a collector build their collection. Itís why Iím a stamp dealer.