When I started in the stamp business, I used to travel all around Pittsburgh. Anyone who called me with a collection for sale, I was there. It didnít take long to realize that this was a huge waste of time and gas money. I was spending an hour or more to travel to someoneís home, only to be greeted with a small cigar box of damaged, used stamps that had little, if any, value.

I quickly changed tactics. Now I tell people to come visit me in my home. The only cost is a little bit of my time. And if the collection isnít worth anything, my investment is pretty minor. Most people are receptive to bringing their collection to me for review.

Sometimes though, I run into someone who wants to meet in a public place, like a local coffee shop. It would help if I drank coffee. However, I donít like the taste of coffee! Anyway, Iím sure they are a little leery about coming to my house with their collection. There is a large patch of woods directly across the street from my house. In theory, I could kill them with an axe and bury them in the woods and no one would know any different. And I get the collection for free!

The truth is, Iím not an axe murderer. However, I understand some peopleís reluctance to come to the home of someone that they donít know. All I can say is that I havenít had any complaints lodged against me and the police havenít come to me to inquire about the whereabouts of someone who was bringing a collection to me. As a 10+ year member of the APS and ASDA, I think Iím safe.

If people want to meet at a local place that is out in the public, thatís fine with me. My investment is still small to review their collection. They are more at ease and I donít have to travel very far to see their collection.

When I meet folks, I usually wear a pair of khaki dress pants and my tan colored shirt with the APS logo. I want to present a professional appearance. Maybe I should change to all black attire with a ďHelter SkelterĒ T-shirt. Maybe some dark eye shadow too. The Alice Cooper look would do wonders for my business. What do you think?