I received a letter that started with “Gentlemen.” That is a clear sign that it is a generic letter going to many dealers. It was a short letter, so I read on.

A collector in NY listed ten collections he had. Each collection was the overpriced commercialized golden replica stamps and other material that has almost zero demand in the philatelic community. He was holding an auction at his house on a date in February. Lots were viewable before the auction start time. He gave his phone number and address.

If I showed up for the auction, I might be the only one there. I hope he did not plan for a large turnout. Many dealers do not get involved in this material. Those that do, buy it for pennies on the dollar compared to the original cost because demand is so low.

He probably tried to sell this material directly and received no offers on it. Perhaps the offers he received were so low that he thought he was being robbed and he refused to sell at that price level. If his auction attracts any bids at all, they are likely to be extremely low.

His letter went into the trash. I have some of that material on hand already that I would like to unload. It is assorted material that came out of collections that I bought. I do not need more of this material lying around collecting dust.

If you are travelling through New York, let me know. I can pass along his address. Maybe you can buy this material while you are in the area. I am sure it is still going to be available.