The USPS has decided not to close the 3700 post offices it targeted. Instead of closing these facilities, the USPS will keep them open with reduced hours, some as few as 2 hours per day, and others as much as 4 or 6 hours a day. In my opinion, this is going to do very little to help the USPS financial woes.

The USPS claims that keeping offices open for shorter hours will acrually save more than closing them all together. Huh? Iíd like to see the details on that claim. I donít understand how keeping them open for limited hours saves more money than closing them. The building is still there. It needs heat (or air conditioning) and lighting. There is maintenance and upkeep of the buildings. Yes, the USPS will save a few bucks by cutting back the hours of operation. I think itís trivial in the grand scheme of things.

This is a political move by the USPS. Congress doesnít want to see post offices close, especially in their districts. The USPS is looking for financial help from Congress. To appease Congress and hopefully muster support for a financial bailout, USPS buckled under to political pressure.

Iíve read a few stories in the press about various proposed post office closings. Many of them have the same theme. ďThe USPS canít close our post office. Itís where everyone in town comes to meet.Ē

Sorry, but the USPS isnít in the business of running a community center. They are in the business to deliever the mail.

Reduced hours will save money on labor which is the biggest expense the USPS has. Will these post offices have a Postmaster? Probably not. Will the Officer-In-Charge (or clerk) serve two offices at once? Theyíll work at one office in the morning and some other office in the afternoon? Will the USPS have trouble staffing these post offices when the people are only going to be paid a few hours a day?

Iím curious to see how this plays out. Sorry, I donít think itís going to go well for the USPS.