My classified ad in Linnís Stamp News for my approval business mentions ďAll collectors welcome.Ē They are words that I mean and live by.

The other week, a collector wrote to me with a want list of US stamps he was seeking on approval. First of all, I donít handle want lists with my approval business. As a new dealer in approvals, I donít have the breadth of stamps. And second, all of the stamps he was looking for were the usual expensive items that everyone else needs too.

I sent him a copy of my US pricelist along with a letter that summarized my position. The approvals are for inexpensive or moderately priced items. I suggested that my US pricelist is where he would find the kind of material he sought.

He emailed me to say that he received my pricelist and nothing else, and he has not heard from me since.

I replied about the approvals and mentioned my letter. I thought it was a professional and courteous reply.

He emailed me back. His last sentence was, ďMaybe you should contact Linnís and revise your ad about All Collectors Welcome.Ē I thought his response was rude and unprofessional.

Part of me wanted to reply with, ďDo you think Iím going to send you $1000 worth of Graf Zeppelin stamps and hope you pay for them?Ē I just deleted his email and moved on. I have more important things to worry about than deal with this bully.

However, all collectors are welcome. I do the best I can to try and meet your needs within reason. But I know that I cannot make everyone happy all of the time. That just isnít going to happen.