Itís been a while since I last mentioned this wonderful magazine. Itís worth bringing this up again.

Under the extraordinary editorship of Randy Neil, the American Stamp Dealer and Collector is, in my humble opinion, the best publication in the philatelic world today. Why? First of all, itís a full color glossy magazine. The full color images really present the illustrated material at its best. But the main reason why I like this magazine so much is because ALL of the articles are about things that you donít find in other philatelic publications.

Youíre thinking, ďBut I subscribe to other philatelic publications. I donít need another list of the new issues coming out from the USPS. Dull and boring, blah, blah, blahÖĒ Well, the ASD&C doesnít publish a list of upcoming new issues. The genius in this magazine is that Randy has tailored the content to things that you donít read elsewhere. This is not an easy job to do, but Randy does a superb job at finding high quality material.

The ASD&C isnít really about stamps. Yes, there are some articles about stamps. But most of the content is targeted towards the people, places, and events in the philatelic world, both old and new. Thatís the kind of content that you donít find in other publications. And in my opinion, itís what makes this publication so interesting. You get to learn so much about the history of philately that goes well beyond just stamps.

A one year subscription is just $19.95. Two year subscriptions are available too. And the ASD&C is available in both printed and electronic formats. Select the one that best suits your needs. And if you opt for the printed version, the electronic version is available for free to you. If you try a subscription and you donít like it, there is no requirement to renew. Iím willing to bet that if you try a subscription, youíll be hooked too. I think youíll agree with me that this really is a remarkable philatelic magazine.

You can get ordering information by going to This is the website of the American Stamp Dealers Association. The ASDA is the organization responsible for this publication. You can also contact the ASDA at American Stamp Dealers Association Inc , PO Box 692, Leesport PA 19533 if you need ordering information and you donít have a computer.