Last time, I wrote the “Take the money and run” piece. The timing couldn’t have been better.

A widow brought her late husband’s collection to me. I started with my usual question, “Do you have any idea what you want for the collection?” Most people say no. In this case, the widow said that she did some checking and she valued the collection at $8000 to $8500.

I reviewed what she had. There was a collection of plate blocks from the 1940s to the 1980s. However, almost every block had a small, greasy, black smudge on the block. Someone used adhesive tape to hold them in place at one point in time. The tape is now gone. There were other mint sheets and singles. Very little of it was in collectible condition.

I pointed out the damage to her and said that everything she had would be used up for postage. I offered her $500 for the collection.

Despite showing her the damage, I think she was insulted at my seemingly low offer.

I’m sure she’s still looking for that dealer who will give her $5000 or more for her collection. Good luck. She will be looking a long time. I’ll be surprised if she ever finds someone that substantially beats my offer. She should take the money and run.