Here is an opportunity for someone with a sharp eye.

Scott #2283 is the 25Ę Pheasant booklet issue. Itís a very common issue cataloging 50Ę mint and $6 for a booklet pane of 10.

Scott #2283b is the same issue with the red removed from the sky. It is a more valuable variety. It catalogs at $4.50 for a mint single and $45 for a booklet pane of 10.

Telling the difference between the two isnít hard. If you had two known copies, you could compare them side by side. The difference is very easy to spot.

On Scott #1283, the blue sky, especially at the top, has a slight purple color to it. That is one way to check. Another way to check is to use a 10x or more powerful magnifying glass. On #2283, you should see tiny dots of red ink in the blue sky. On #2283b, there will be no tiny dots of red ink.

Youíll find booklets of #2283 in scrap postage lots. Look carefully. If the sky is a solid color of light blue, it could be the more valuable #2283b variety. Keep your eyes open and maybe youíll hit it lucky and make a few dollars on your discovery.