The USPS produces stamps that honor worthy causes and social issues. This year they are issuing stamps to promote the adoption of cats and dogs from animal shelters. Itís a worthy cause. Iím sure the USPS is inundated with requests from lots of charities that would like to see a stamp issued for their cause as well.

I like the pet stamps for this year. They are attractive in my opinion. But such hasnít always been the case.

Take Scott #1927. Issued to combat alcoholism, the stamp design was poorly thought out. Would you want to use one of these stamps on mail to your family or friends? The implied message is ďHey Joe. I know youíre a drunk. But you can beat it! Hereís a friendly reminder via a stamp.Ē

Itís a wonder that any copies of Scott #1927 exist on cover other than as discount postage. The general public was not rushing to the post office to buy up the Alcoholism stamps to use it up on their correspondence.

The USPS should continue to promote social causes. But put a little more thought into the stamp design and message!