How many of you have seen a full pane of Scott #1548, the Legend of Sleepy Hollow issue? Did you notice anything unusual about it? Look carefully.

Most rotary press sheet stamps with a single plate number have the plate number in one of the four corners of the pane of stamps. However, with Scott #1548, two of the corners have the plate number. Why it was done this way, I donít know and I wasnít able to find any references that mention this anomaly.

Today, the mini panes of 20 of stamp issues have a plate number in each corner. Before the mini pane format, there was usually just one plate number in the corner of each pane. Scott #1548 is an exception to this general rule. Youíve probably seen panes of this issue a million times and never noticed this feature. What else have you been missing as you collect stamps? It pays to take some time and look your stamps over. You never know what interesting things you may find.